About Us

Kobeelya was the private girls’ school that operated from 1922 until 1986 in the former home and grounds built by of the Hon FH Piesse MLA, of Katanning. The Old Kobeelyans’ Association is the incorporated body of the former students and staff of Kobeelya Church of England Girls School and later Kobeelya Penrhos, Katanning, Western Australia.

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Giving to Kobeelya

Since the closing of Penrhos Kobeelya in 1986, The Old Kobeelyans’ Association focus is unique in that we no longer support girls and families attending Kobeelya in Katanning.  However, the Association is proud of the significant financial support former students and staff have made to the former school, local and wider community. This generosity has enabled the Association to continue supporting events and activities without an annual intake of leaving students.

Every gift, however big or small, makes a difference to the projects we are currently supporting.